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Ten Reasons To Buy That Annoying Rental Car Insurance

I don’t know about you but every time I go on vacation and have to rent a car, sure enough, the car rental agency asks me if I’d like to buy the rental car insurance.

I’ve always looked at it as a way for the car rental agency to make tons of money ’cause hardly anybody ever damages the rental car (or do they?), and MY car insurance already covers me for any damage.

Oh really?

Here is an article that’ll convince you to buy that rental car insurance. If not for what it can do to protect you should you damage that rental, but just for peace of mind of not having to go through all the hassle. It really is cheap auto insurance.

Read “Ten Reasons To Purchase the Rental Car Insurance” by Rick Dinger at Crescenta Valley Insurance.

Let me know if his article convinced you to buy that annoying rental car insurance- it sure convinced me.

Ten Reasons to Purchase the Rental Car Insurance

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