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This is part 6 of 6 of Dr. Marc Darrow’s Prolotherapy lecture series delivered in Los Angeles, California.

He shows how prolotherapy can work with Ligament & Tendon Relaxation. Knee pain can often be a result of Ligament & Tendon Relaxation. Prolotherapy helps tighten up the joint and helps it provide support.

Dr. Darrow reveals how effective prolotherapy is for the reduction and/or elimination of:

For more information on Prolotherapy, visit Dr. Marc Darrow’s website:

Have you had experience with Prolotherapy. Was it effective in reducing or eliminating your joint pain? How was the prolotherapy injection- any pain?

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Part 4 of Dr. Marc Darrow’s 6-part lecture on prolotherapy. Dr. Darrow continues his lecture on how prolo therapy can help heal, or at least reduce joint pain. Prolo therapy is also a great solution to headache pain.

Many people ask: What is Prolotherapy? Follow the links below for additional information.neck pain, knee pain, back pain.

What’s been your experience with Prolotherapy? Have you had great success with it? Have any of your family members used Prolotherapy?

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Here is a new video by Dr. Marc Darrow demonstrating how prolotherapy can be used to reduce or eliminate hip joint pain, including pain associated with arthritis. Prolotherapy is also used to treat pain associated with ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Have you experienced hip joint pain? How do you normally manage that pain? What other treatments have you tried? Which has been the most successful for you?

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Prolotherapy Specialist Dr. Marc Darrow conducts a 6-part lecture on Prolotherapy And Pain.

This lecture series deals with acute pain, chronic pain, neck pain, whiplash, back pain, knee pain, etc.

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