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December 1, 2015
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Woodland Hills, CA (December 1, 2015) – Glyphix Advertising is pleased to announce it has developed and launched a new website for Telplex Communications, a newly branded local and long-distance phone services provider, with headquarters in Encino, CA.

Larry Cohen, President of Glyphix commented, “We’re very excited to launch the new Telplex site and to introduce the small business marketplace to the truly helpful telecom programs and potential Telplex brings to the table. They offer local and long-distance phone service, business internet connectivity, and mobile hotspot hardware. They are an innovative, growth-oriented company that brings the experience, products and services to really impact their clients in a positive way. Communications is at the heart of every company and managing that effectively, as Telplex can, frees up the owners to go out and grow their business. In addition, we constantly hear from our clients about how confusing and expensive phones services have become. Now we’re able to provide expert solutions to a client to help eliminate that pain.”

Glyphix created the name and identity for the company.

According to Telplex Executive Vice President, Keith Nussbaum, “we decided to work with Glyphix because of their extensive experience in creating brands from the ground up. They collaborated with our in-house team on everything from how to position the company and segmenting our client’s base to creating all of the collateral materials we need to go to market”.


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About Glyphix:

Glyphix has been providing effective and affordable brand strategy, development and design and advertising services to hundreds of clients throughout Southern California for the past 21 years.

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About Telplex

Telplex Communications is committed to provide outstanding, customized telecommunications service to small and medium size business in numerous states throughout the US. Services include local and long-distance phone service, business internet connectivity, and mobile hotspot hardware. Run by veterans with decades of phone company experience, Telplex helps companies manage their phone needs so they can get back to the important work of running and growing their companies.

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Telplex Communications was presented with an award as the top selling service provider of wireline broadband for high speed internet service (commonly referred to as DSL or Uverse).  We have worked long and hard over the last year to generate sales.  Our staff focus is to educate and inform our customer base that Telplex Communications recently began offering high speed internet in the AT&T footprint where it previously had not done so.  As a Telplex Communications customer our end users now benefit in multiple ways with this new advanced technology.  First, they can now bundle their local and long distance telephone service which we already provide to them with our new high speed internet service.  As the saying goes “when you bundle you save”.  And, by bundling you now get one bill with one provider instead of two bills from two providers.  But there is more to the picture than just savings and consolidated billing.

Our solutions experts provide dedicated account management team to each customer.  Our customers are businesses and not residences, therefore, their needs are more complex and need to be addressed immediately.  Customers value having a dedicated team of solutions experts they can rely on and reach the same person who often knows their environment better than the end user themselves.  Many small businesses can’t afford a dedicated I.T. specialist on their payroll.  By offering our solutions experts as account managers we provide small businesses that valuable resource.  And, when you have one carrier you take the guess work out of who to call with any issues.  And, our customers know they can rely on us to help them grow their business communications too.

Our success is not only driven by a support staff but also by a great product.  The AT&T Partner Exchange provides us with a special product which enables us to make a robust offer to the end user that is hard to turn down.  Our product offers a risk free option.  The risk free offer is twofold.  First, what that means is by installing standalone internet the end user can try our service without interrupting or cancelling their existing service.  It allows that end user to make sure they are satisfied with our service and then they can cancel their previous DSL.  If they are not satisfied they can always plug back in their old DSL, which rarely ever happens.  Second, we stand by our product so much so that we offer a 30 day risk free satisfaction guarantee.  What that means is when a customer signs up for our high speed internet service they agree to a two (2) year term.  But if they are not satisfied within the first thirty (30) days then they may cancel the service and only pay for the time they used it.  So, you can see how this risk free offer is a twofold benefit to the customer making it hard not to try it.

Additionally, we offer a free wifi enabled modem and free installation.  Those are values you can’t beat.  By taking the risk out of the deal and by providing new equipment and installation at no cost customers see the value in trying it.  This formula has been extremely successful for us and has led to our award as the carrier with the most wireline broadband customers this year with AT&T APEX.

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Woodland Hills, CA (October 21th, 2015) – Glyphix Advertising of Woodland Hills, CA is pleased to have been selected by RingPlanet Communications, an emerging business phone products, internet and mobility service provider. As a triple-play communications company, Ringplanet solution experts will provide all the best services to growing small and medium-size businesses throughout the United States. Glyphix Advertising will responsible for branding and advertising.

Larry Cohen, President of Glyphix explained, “We’ve been working with the innovators at RingPlanet for about 6 months on a variety of projects. This new effort is very exciting because we’ve been able to create an entirely new branded service that delivers the exact communication services that growing businesses need. In fact we were so impressed by the solutions RingPlanet brings to the table, that we are in the process of switching from our existing phone company service to RingPlanet.”

Glyphix created the name and identity for the company and has just launched the new RingPlanet website.

According to RingPlanet Executive Vice President, Keith Nussbaum, “Glyphix has helped us think through our new business model from the customer’s perspective. Together we’ve created a strategic plan that meets the needs of our clients. With so many phone, service and system op-tions out there, it can be very confusing. Our consultative model is just what growing businesses need to make those decisions easier and more productive.”

For more information visit and

About Glyphix
Glyphix Advertising has been providing effective and affordable brand strategy, development and design and advertising services to hundreds of clients throughout Southern California for the past 21 years.

About RingPlanet
RingPlanet is an experienced communications company designed by industry veterans to deliver outstanding, customized telecommunications service to small and medium-size business customers. RingPlanet helps companies move to VoIP solutions, take advantage of cloud hosting and essentially help them manage their growing phone, internet and mobility needs.

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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21, 2015 – Telplex Communications has joined the AT&T* Partner Exchange® reseller program and is now authorized to resell solutions from one of the leading worldwide providers of advanced communications services. This new relationship enables Telplex Communcations to provide its business customers with more innovative and flexible choices that can help meet their end-to-end needs.

According to Telplex Communications Executive Vice President Keith Nussbaum, “Combining AT&T Partner Exchange’s advanced services with our unique personal touch allows us to deliver a multitude of broadband solutions ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. We are not just a service provider. We are solutions experts in this niche market, advising customers on the best broadband solution to fit their communication needs, especially as they move or expand. Sometimes we know our customers’ networks better than they do, and they love that about us. Our products offer risk-free promotions, guaranteeing satisfaction. We can offer access to AT&T’s high-speed network and mobility services, so our customers can enjoy the latest and greatest devices on a wireless network that has the nation’s strongest 4G LTE signal and most reliable 4G LTE. Most important to the business customer is they only have one bill from Telplex and a dedicated account manager they can always turn to for a solution.”

Randall Porter, vice president of business development at AT&T Partner Solutions explains, “We look forward to working with Telplex Communications. They will now be able to bundle their expertise with our innovative services, growing their business and delivering tailor-made solutions that best fit their customers’ distinct needs – all while retaining full control of the end-to-end relationship.”

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

About Telplex Communications
Telplex Communications is committed to outstanding, customized telecommunications service for small and medium-size business customers in 18 states, and growing throughout the U.S. with more to come. Run by veterans with decades of phone company experience, Telplex Communications helps companies manage all their local and long-distance phone and internet needs so they can get back to the important work of running and growing their business.

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